tand 7 GOOD TEAREdit

i am relay excited for this chapter!

tand7 lol


Lights were everywhere and suddenly… I woke up!

"Oh hi guys" i said to Derek and Alec.

"Whoa you are so much more sexah lol" Alec said.

"Yeah thats because hes god tear now" derek explanated.

"indeed i am" i said godly. "I am the Muse of Death!" (AN i know the muse is a female exlusive class but alex is gay so it counts!) My god tear outfit was basically the assassin tunic that ezio wore in AC2 (when he was hawt ) all in white and pretty, and on my chest was the symbol of the assassins.

"thats sooooo cool" Derek said. "so what are your powers?"

"I dunno lol i guess ill find out. But I know that being dead made me REALLY horny. Care to help me with that?" I loled

YES" Derek and Alec said in unicorn and started getting undressed. I could just make my clothes disappear now which is pretty cool and we started having sex on the quest bed. It had been so long since I had a threesome, like at least a week or something. Time shit is so confusing. I still missed Damon, but these two were really good too and we had a lot of fun

AN wasnt that sweat? sorry for the short chapter but i feel like its the right moment to end it lol


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