Truelove Fight

Heelo Im writting a nuw stori abot ho Me and Ward save the wold form the evil pokmons that were mad by SATIN!!!
Author Erin Locklea
Protagonist Joan
Chapter count 1
Current host

Truelove Fight is a one-shot troll fanfiction written by Erin Locklea. It is a spin-off of her main fanfiction, Brewdening Love, and tells the story of Joan and Edward teaming up to rid the world of Pokémon. It was meant to be a multi-chaptered fanfiction, but only one chapter currently exists.

Plot summaryEdit

See the full text for detailed informations.

The story begins as Joan and Edward meet a Pikachu while walking down a street. Joan is immediately scared of the little Pokémon and asks Edward to fight it, which he does by throwing it into the sky, out of sight.

The couple then meets Father James Holden, who tells them of Pokémon, and describes them as evil creatures willing to take over the world. He asks Joan and Edward to get rid of them, and they agree, saying they will enlist the help of the other Cullens and of Jacob.


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