Twilight World
Author Erin Locklea
Protagonist Edward, Joan
Chapter count 4
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Twilight World is a troll fanfiction written by Erin Locklea. It is a re-writing of the Bible using the characters from Erin's main fanfiction, Brewdening Love, instead of the original characters.

Plot summaryEdit

See the chapter-by-chapter summary for detailed informations and the full text.

Edward takes the place of God, as he creates the world. The first two people to live in that world are Alice and Jasper, living in a garden where they live by Edward's rules, including one that forbids them to eat from the apple tree.

A snake named James appears and manages to convince Alice to eat an apple, however, and she then gives it to Jasper. This causes them to be banished from the garden and arrive on Earth, where Edward, in an act of mercy, creates a house for them, ordering them to have children to fill the earth with.

Later, Alice has a daughter, Bella, who Edward foretells will be the Queen of Christianity. However, when she reaches adulthood, she meets Jacob and falls in love with him, which, according to Edward, would prevent her to be the Queen.

The couple elopes to Egypt, but they're seen by Edward, who tries to smite Jacob as a punishment. However, Bella takes the hit instead, and Edward banishes Jacob from being his follower. Jasper and Alice later catch him to sacrifice him for Edward as an act of expiation.

Edward tells them that they will have another child, Rosalie. She grew up following Edward's rules and, as a reward, he made her a mate, Emmett. They have a baby, Renesmee, and Edward rewards them with a new, better house. There, they have a second daughter, Esme.

Feeling unhappy, Edward decides to make himself a wife, Joan. He makes her Queen of Christianity to replace Bella and sends her to lead his followers. Before she goes, Joan gives birth to a son, Jesus, who will lead the Christians as well. Joan soon joins Edward in the sky to let Jesus lead the Christians.

Jesus proclaims that the family must leave to another country, and they depart at once, but are stuck when they reach a sea. Joan comes down from the sky to split the sea with the powers Edward invested in her.

Later, as Joan, Edward and Jesus are in Heaven, a horned man with a pet snake appears and demands to be let in. Edward refuses and starts fighting him as Joan and Jesus hide, chased by the pet snake. Satan is defeated, but the story ends as the snake appears in the cloud serving as Joan and Jesus's refuge.


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