Virtually no Danger

'You are the Highborn Knight, Joan St Sanctuary Louisa.'
Author Talys Alankil
Protagonist Erin Locklea
Chapter count 1
Current host

Virtually no Danger is a fanfiction by Talys Alankil, written for Erinversary 2013 and part of the Brewdening Love Expanded Universe.

Instead of focusing on the characters of Brewdening Love, it focuses on the author, Erin Locklea, as she starts playing an MMORPG with a group of her friends.

Plot summaryEdit

The story starts on Erin's birthday, where, aside from presents from her dad and her friends, she receives the copy of the new MMORPG, Forks. She rushes to install it, discussing with two of her friends, Jenny and Tim. The former has just finished creating her character, while the latter has already been playing for a few hourse, but accepts to wait for Erin as she creates her own character.

The process, however, proves to be fairly complex, as she has to answer numerous questions to determine her personality. About an hour later, she finally reaches the end of the process, and finishes the creation of her avatar: Joan St Sanctuary Louisa, the Highborn Knight.


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