The War Against the Sues is a crossover event between various snarkers' works. They wove a storyline in their snarks, with everyone contributing to it in their own way and building the overarching plot.

Summary so farEdit

The war started when Talys Alankil ended his snarks of ArianaVampireQueen's Glee one-shots. After the last of them, he wrote a short story called Purging the Glee 'verse, in which he and his snark partners teamed up against Ariana Seagull, banishing her from the Glee 'verse with a Snark Power Gun.

Nothing happened for a while, until Talys ended his next snark, of Mermories Fade Away. At the end of it, he wrote another short story, The Sues' revenge, where Ariana teamed up with Joan and Twila to break into Talys's snark theater, kidnapped Jenny and Jacob, and forced Talys and his other two companions, Meara and Vanitas, to retreat to other worlds, apart from one another.

From there, the War started for good : two other snarkers, WolfBloodRei and AnyaThePurple, joined in aboard the S.S. Snark, then went their own way to deal with Erin Locklea and ArianaVampireQueen, respectively, while Talys went after Twila. Later on, another snarker, Serkadios, joined the war.

Talys's arcEdit

See also : Talys's Snark Theater excerpts

Rei's arcEdit

Anya's arcEdit

Serkadios's arcEdit


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