William Scarlet
General information
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Location Sherwood Forest
Family A brother named Luke.
Romances Djaq, a Sarasene girl.
Friends Robin Hood, Marian, Allan A Dale most of the time, Much, Little John
Enemies Guy of Gisborne, The Sheriff of Nottingham
 Will Scarlett is a character from the Robin Hood legend. He was also part of the cast in a recent BBC drama about Robin Hood and his gang.


Will's backstory differs wildly between each and every version of the legend. He's been portrayed as everything from a nobleman who joins the outlaws from political convictions, to a very poor farmboy who's lost his family due to starvation. Will is usually described and protrayed as very handsome. He's often shown to be unusually hot-headed, and in many versions of the story he challenges Robin for leadership.

The BBC drama series portrayed Will as a quiet and even-headed teenager, who was often the voice of reason within the group. He was one of the few main characters to make it out of the series alive, as he chose to live in the Holy Land with his girlfriend Djaq after a rescue mission for King Richard Lionheart.

In fanfictionEdit

Ohio Is Not For LoversEdit

In Ohio Is Not For Lovers, Will is the main character's romantic interest.

For more information see the related page.


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